Homeschool off to a great start

I’m shocked at how well homeschool has started out for us!  In my original “Where to Start” post I laid out a very basic plan that I felt was not detailed enough and sure to be completely changed by now – week 3.  That hasn’t been the case at all!

The curriculum choices I made originally have worked out pretty well – largely thanks to my dear neighbor who homeschools and let me talk her ear off.  My biggest curriculum problem has been that Bear appears to more on the 1st grade curriculum level than K level.  I suppose this isn’t too surprising as my public school Kindergarten teacher friends have told me they feel like 1st grade teachers now!  We now have 1st grade materials for him.

Fuzzy’s curriculum has been fine.  He’s a bit ahead in Math and a bit behind in writing which is all no surprise to me at all.  It has been wonderful to be able to really work with him on his weak areas and get in there to see how I can help him.  It’s still a huge work in progress but it’s progress! I don’t do subjects by the clock, but we do have a general order of things for the day.  They follow this just fine.  Fuzzy having been in public school was a bit more concerned about the clock, but after I told him I didn’t care at all about the clock and we could take it out of the classroom for all I cared, he seemed to be able to let that go.

Bear has been very enthusiastic, he just seems to love everything EXCEPT the reading program I got for him originally.  He started complaining of a “sore neck” every time it was reading time.  I decided to get a different program.  While I do believe there will be times when he’ll just need to stick it out, reading is WAY too important to do anything that may result in him disliking it.

I had definitely underplanned the reading!  Fuzzy can fly through books much faster than I thought – and he tells me what each one was about in great detail so I know he’s absorbing it.  I now have a spreadsheet planned out 6 weeks at a time with reading lists for the various times of the day (free read, independent read, read aloud).  I mark which ones are at the library and reserve them in advance.  It’s working out well.

I wasn’t sure if I really needed a “classroom” space or not, but that is working out GREAT so far.  I don’t know if they’ll gravitate away from it when they’re older, but for now it’s fantastic.  I plan to post pics of our “classroom” soon. We’ve found 2 homeschool groups that I am very excited about.  One is the Austin Museum Explorers which will be great for our field trips, we like to get out.  The other is a general support group that meets in my area of town.  They have all kinds of events like park days, curriculum share days to see what everybody is doing, fall group trip, halloween party, white elephant party, field day, talent show, science fair, etc.  They are so nice. This has been fantastic so far and easier than I thought.  I promise to post when I’m dismayed sometime for the flip side. For now – I’m planning for a trip tomorrow with our Museum Explorers pals to go visit an Egypt exhibit…