Curriculum 2011-2012

One of the most fun, confusing, and interesting things about homeschooling to me is choosing curriculum.  There are many general styles of homeschoolsuch as school-at-home, classical, unschooled, relaxed/eclectic, and lots more.  I’m somewhere in between a classical and relaxed/eclectic homeschooler so far.  I’m a relaxed/eclectic personality type but my logical brain likes classical so I have fallen somewhere in between.  The kids seem agreeable. I’m currently using the same curriculum, at different levels, for both of my kids.  That could certainly change, and I expect it will.  I plan to write reviews of each of these curriculums in the future.

General for Fall 2011, Kindergarten (Bear) and 2nd Grade (Fuzzy):
  • 3 hours per day, 4 days per week is spent in structured time doing core subjects (math, language arts, literature, history, Bible).  I hadn’t planned for Bear to spend this long for Kinder, but he wants to so I try to accommodate him.
  • 3 hours per day, 4 days per week is spent loosely pursuing everything else (PE, music, art, science, hobbies, academic-related computer time, and other stuff as it strikes us).
  • 1 day per week is usually dedicated to some type of field trip, park playdate, a large project we’re interested in, staying in our PJs until noon as we move slowly through a lingering breakfast after spending way too long playing games upstairs (oh dear, I’ve admitted it)
Language Arts (penmanship, grammar, writing, spelling):
– This has been a tricky subject for me.  We’re not doing this in the classical school format.
Reading Instruction:
  • Singapore Math (Bear-1, Fuzzy-2/3)
  • Math is also a subject with many teachable moments in everyday life and my kids love to talk about it!
World History:
American History:
  • Tracing Maps as described in “The Core” by Leigh Bortins (Bear, Fuzzy)
  • GeoToys (yep, I’m using a category of toys!) (Bear, Fuzzy)
  • Beginning Geography (Bear, Fuzzy)
Future Plans:
  • Spanish
  • Latin
  • Logic
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