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Hello!  This is my personal blog.  My name is Keri and I have a wonderful DH.  For my blog, I’ll call my two boys Fuzzy (13 years old) and Bear (10 years old).  Some tidbits about my life are:

  • We homeschool.  Want to know why we homeschool?
  • Fuzzy is in 7th grade-ish.  He cares deeply for the environment and doing what is right.  He is also a math whiz!  He is also a high functioning Autistic boy – or something.  Like most families affected by Autism he doesn’t fit neatly in any box.  We just try to help him out how we can and teach him to embrace who he is.
  • Bear is in 5th grade-ish.  He is a super happy friend loving kid.  He’s happiest when surrounded by lots of people he considers his friends and family.  He loves reading and playing games.  His favorite games are usually ones he invented!

When I have extra time I like to:

  • Visit people – It may sound funny as an “activity”, but it’s really important to me and I had better make time for it!
  • Volunteer – Before homeschooling, I loved to volunteer.  Time is more difficult now!  I play in a handbells choir with a church.  I participate in various homeschool groups in different capacities too.
  • Read – I’m a voracious reader of all kinds of genres.  I read a ton of non-fiction about anything I may be interested in at the moment.  I usually read fiction late at night right before bed, so it’s very “light and brain candy” reading.  I like love stories and seem to like ones aimed at teenagers the best (yeah, I mean Twilight and ones like it).   My favorite book is “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon.
  • Computer – I use my computer a ton.  I tend to help a lot of friends with whatever computer issues they may be having, especially if they need a website tuneup.  Of course I blog.  I keep up on current events through the internet.
  • Cook – I don’t love to cook, but it’s a fixture in my life.  So I endeavor to make it as best I can.  I try out a new recipe each week and carefully maintain a notebook of all recipes that we absolutely love.
  • Knit/Sew – This is a brand new hobby I’m having fun with.





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