The 5 year old’s pros and cons of homeschooling

Bear, who is 5, recently proclaimed that he wants to go to public school.  I’m not surprised by this at all, in fact I expected it to happen.  His best friends went to Kindergarten this year and his older brother went when he was his age.  Of course he’d want to know what it’s like! I’m definitely not opposed to the idea.  We really are trying to constantly keep an open mind and do what we feel is best for each child individually.  On the other hand, I can’t leave such an important decision strictly up to a 5 year old! I helped Bear make a pros and cons list from his point of view for both public school and homeschool.  I honestly did my best not to influence him, but there’s probably no way this list can be totally free of my influence.  I always feel obligated to say, this is for OUR family, it’s no commentary on yours.  🙂  All the ideas are totally his, though I did help him clarify some!

Public School Pros:
  • Around lots of kids his age
  • Meeting new friends
  • Having recess on the playground
Public School Cons:
  • All the instruments in music class (not sure why he included this)
  • Not having enough time for lunch (he could never finish lunch while he was in preschool)
  • Waking up early
  • Homework during his free time in the evenings
  • No mid-day “token” (this is our system for video games or TV)
  • No Reading Eggs (online reading program he loves)
  • Not with Mommy and Fuzzy (awwww)
  • No stick figure Bible (our Bible curriculum uses stick figures for teaching)
  • No big ride on tractor (I pointed out we don’t have this!)
  • Won’t do history (I’m not totally sure about this, but it would certainly be much different)
Homeschool Pros (these two lists about invert the other two):
  • Get to stay home
  • Wake up when you want to (he’s always the first one up)
  • No after school homework / more free time
  • Get to do stick figure Bible curriculum
  • Can eat what he wants for lunch with plenty of time
  • Reading Eggs
  • Lunch time token
Homeschool Cons:
  • Not around as many other kids
  • Two of his best friends to to public school
  • Fuzzy, his brother, interferes with his playtime
After making this list, he proclaimed he had changed his mind and wanted to stay in homeschool.  So, we discussed ways to solve the cons of homeschool:
  • Could enroll him in more part time school classes to be with other kids (he’s already in group classes for PE and history)
  • Invite his public school friends over to our house more
  • Let Mommy know when he wants to play on his own without Fuzzy interfering
  • Get a big ride on car (ha ha, sneaky boy getting this one in there)

It was a really interesting discussion!  His cons are actually pretty easily solved.  Fuzzy, on the other hand, is totally happy being homeschooled and loves it – but he would never consider being around a ton of other kids an advantage in any circumstance.  🙂 This got me thinking about my own pros/cons list.  I won’t write the entire thing but my main pro for homeschool would be the flexibility of it and my main con would be my own lack of free time!  The adventure continues!

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