Why We’re Moving

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UPDATE 9/2016:  My faith life has changed drastically since I wrote this post!  I’m leaving it here for posterity’s sake.  As far as what the changes are, I’m not ready to write about that yet!


I have been really hesitant to write this post because I feel it could come across “holier than thou”.  I really only mean the things in this post as it pertains to me.  All sorts of people are called to all sorts of places in their lives and it’s certainly not up to me to judge whether they’re “right” or not.

A few years ago in my small Christian group we read a book called Crazy Love.  It inspired me in a lot of ways to reevaluate my priorities (my husband is obviously going along with all this too, but I’ll let him speak for himself if he wishes).  I realized I had gotten caught up in a “more is better” mentality somewhat.  A bigger house, nicer stuff, better vacations, etc etc etc.

If I may say so myself, I definitely wasn’t extreme about it.  I set a budget, I tithed like I’m “supposed” to, I was still a budget conscious person of course, and I lived within my means.  However, as my means grew, so did my wants.

Crazy Love called all that into question for me.  It made me think about how much God really does love me and absolutely loves everybody else too.  It made me think about how little value our things on Earth have and how important people are.  It also made me realize how incredibly much I have been blessed with and that perhaps I’m not using it all to the full advantage of helping other people as I could.

So I took a look around my life and really thought about what I needed.  I decided that I could easily live in a smaller home and with less stuff.

This is a process that’s still evolving in my life.  I certainly have no plans like the author to sell everything and take off to India.  It is hard to know “where to draw the line”.  All I can do is pray about it and try to listen for the answer.



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